Dutch Design Week

Dutch Design Week was fully digital this year because of the pandemic so I attended a few events. They were really interesting, some related to my thesis research, some were graduate shows from other schools, and some were just fun ones I wanted to attend. I did get a bit sidetracked from the original 6Continue reading “Dutch Design Week”

Rhino/Grasshopper Workshop

Today we had a super intense one day workshop with TU Eindhoven students and we worked with the Fashion Tech Farm. We started the day with a quick overview of the type of project we would be working on. We would be shaping something invisible like sound or heat with something visible. Some examples weContinue reading “Rhino/Grasshopper Workshop”

Workshop Day 3: Sending Signals across the sea & Concept Generation

In the first half of the day we learned how to connect our Circuit Playground device to others devices and send signals between them. We started by all connecting our devices together using P3 and mu-editor. Then everyone touched their device and all the other devices connected lit up as a result of the touch.Continue reading “Workshop Day 3: Sending Signals across the sea & Concept Generation”


Today we met our peers in the Netherlands and Belgium and we stared at each other awkwardly. Then bonded over photos that provoked stories of awkward memories. Then we sang Spice Girls together. It was a bit sad not getting to meet them in person, but still fun kicking this workshop off.


September 30th 2020 This week was the first week of class and we learned about weaving. Robin Kang a fibers artist gave us a talk about the history of weaving and the different types of looms. She then showed us how to create patterns on graph paper. After that we got to try weaving onContinue reading “Weaving”

Research: The Sympathy of Things

Reading Response to The Sympathy of Things by Lars Spuybroek In this book Spuybroek compares and contrasts elements of the gothic to the digital age. He argues that Ruskin’s theories are related pretty directly to the Gothic. He distills Ruskin’s theories down to six key elements: Redundancy- copying Changefulness-activation and movement Rigidity- the lack ofContinue reading “Research: The Sympathy of Things”

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