Workshop Day 4: Intense Making Period

Thursday we started the day with mentor meetings. They reviewed our ideas and gave some feedback. My group was still struggling to nail down an idea. We wanted to show a range of emotions you cant see through a video call. Our original idea was to show body language through a motion sensor, but we quickly realized a motion sensor wasn’t sensitive enough to pick up the intricacies of moment and what it means. Then we discussed wearables and the possibility of tracking movement with them, but that got complicated because you would need more than one sensor. Then we transitioned to using the moisture on your skin to detect heart rate, but we still hadn’t settled on anything. Finally we made a possible inputs and possible outputs list. Tuesday we had been talking about the idea of a wave and we wanted to stick with that. We also narrowed down what we wanted the data to represent to attentiveness.

We started talking about grip and attentiveness and Paul told us about how they measure train conductor attentiveness. Train conductors hold on to a rail and they must not let go the whole time to show their attention. We adapted this concept into a pressure sensor on our circuit playground. We couldn’t decide the best way so we tried two ways. One way was the number of lights on the circuit playground would light up with more skin contact. The other way was to attach some other parts to the circuit playground to make an actual pressure sensor. Both ways ended up working so we created working prototypes for both. Cato and Mats worked on programming the circuit playground. Soo and I decided to create an animation that explained our idea and showed how it worked just in case we couldn’t get our prototype to work. Yingzhou designed the shape and look of the shape and look of the device. Anna 3D modeled and 3d printed the device. It was shaped like a drop since our theme was waves. Giovanni was tasked with creating waves that would show up on a zoom window. He was able to do so our prototype actually was functional. The wave would fall when you were gripping hard and it would rise over your zoom image when your grip loosened. There was also a punishment and reward system where if you paid attention your drop would glow and a sun would shine on your screen. If you didn’t pay attention and your wave reached the top of the screen it would go black and you would get booted from the call. Yingzhou also designed a poster for our idea. Sjord helped connect the code for the circuit playground to the processing code that showed the wave on screen.

We all worked really well together as a team and everyone was assigned a task and did a great job with it. Our team dynamics were great we didn’t have to go chasing after anyone. We produced some thing way cooler then I ever could have imagined creating on my own. We were well balanced in skillsets as well. We had some people who could code, some who were into robotics, some who were into visuals, and some who were good at project management. I really enjoyed this workshop.

I was tasked with making the video for how our product and concept worked with Soo. We came up with the concept together then we acted things out on zoom and screen recorded them. She then put the videos together, worked on the sound editing of voices, and added in some explainer screens. She then passed it off to me and I added all of the animations, the sound effects, the music, and the waves on to the video.

Below are some progress shots.

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